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29 May 2012

Baghdad Berlon says the Democratic Party is in Good Financial Shape

Remember this guy?

The Best of Baghdad Bob

Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, also known as "Baghdad Bob" and "Comical Ali," served as Saddam Hussein's Minister of Information during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Baghdad Bob boldly declared, "There is no presence of American infidels in the city of Baghdad," even as American tanks were speeding to his location.

The world roundly mocked Baghdad Bob for his continued assertions that Saddam Hussein was winning the war, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. And because of that, Baghdad Bob will forever be known as the man who refused to accept reality and remained in a deluded state to the very end.

The delusional mind of Baghdad Bob has found its way into Georgia politics. It seems that Baghdad Bob transferred his spirit to the body of Mike Berlon.

Mike "Baghdad" Berlon, the chairman of Georgia's Democratic Party, recently told the Savannah Morning News that his Democratic Party is in good financial shape.

"We’re not in any kind of financial distress," Baghdad Berlon said.

Based on the publicly available Federal Election Commission campaign finance reports, however, Baghdad Berlon's comments are not found anywhere near reality.

According to the April monthly Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report, the Democratic Party of Georgia has $76,856.84 in cash and $35,436.34 in debt. For a political party in an election year, that isn't enough money to say grace over.

But Mike Berlon, channeling the spirit of Baghdad Bob, said, "We’re certainly not in danger of financial collapse."

The reality, whether Baghdad Berlon accepts it or not, is that Georgia's Democratic Party faces a November beating not seen since Ivan Drago dropped Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.

The Democratic Party, under Baghdad Berlon, doesn't have the money to compete; and anyone who says otherwise is just plain delusional.