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24 April 2012

Will Recidivist Rashad Richey Get Secret Service Clearance for Obama's Return to GA?

The White House Press Office announced Tuesday afternoon that President and Mrs. Obama would be traveling to Hinesville to deliver remarks and meet with troops, veterans and military families at Fort Stewart later this week.

Georgia Democrats are elated at this second presidential visit in recent months, with party leaders calling the trip "exciting."

A little less exciting, though, is the fact that Ali Rashad Richey remains the political director for the state Democratic Party. Rashad Richey has a 12-year arrest record, with the first arrest occurring in 1998. As recent as 2010, Richey spent 28 days in the DeKalb County Jail.

Georgia Democrat Party leaders and staff are likely to be on hand for Obama's return visit to our great state. After all, Barack Obama is the nation's number one Democrat.

The question is, however, will recidivist Rashad Richey receive Secret Service clearance for the President's visit?

Richey is a criminal. He's done some time in jail. The Secret Service probably frowns upon criminals maintaining a close proximity to the President.