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27 April 2012

Republicans Start Outreach Towards Blacks Left Behind By Democratic Party

This week, I've highlighted the high unemployment in twenty Georgia counties where blacks make up the majority of people living there. In those same twenty, majority black counties, the Democrat electoral performance averages 58.70%.

That's right. Democrats are consistently receiving nearly 60% of the vote in counties where unemployment consistently tops the state and national average.

While Democrats claim Republicans have declared war on women, while Democrats tout their successes at social media, while Democrats organize a dinner where tickets are $200 per person, the Democrats' most loyal supporters --black voters-- are being left behind.

The Republican Party announced plans to reach out to blacks left behind by the Democrats.

The Republican National Committee is planning to launch a "black Americans" outreach program as part of their "strategic partnerships" initiative aimed at courting groups that have traditionally leaned Democratic.

RNC co-chair Sharon Day said the concerns of African American voters are chiefly economic.

"We need to explain our values to them," Day told CNN. "To be honest with you, their values and our values are more similar than dissimilar. They are not Democratic values, they are Republican values."

"Whether it's African Americans or Caribbean blacks or Asian Americans, the issues are the same," she said. "They want a job, a strong economy, a good education for their children. Those are the things that matter. As Republicans we can bring those things to the table."

Hamby, Peter (2012-4-24). Republicans launch new effort to court black voters. CNN. Retrieved on 2012-4-27.

The Democrats regularly ignore their core constituency. The Democrats have not had to work for the black vote in years. The Democrats have come to expect the black vote. The Democrats expects black folks to just shut up, stop complaining, and fall in line. President Obama, a Democrat, said as much in remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus last year.

"I expect all of you to march with me and press on."

With unemployment exceeding the state and national rate in Georgia's majority black counties, and Democrats doing nothing about it but using the same old tired line that a vote for Republicans on Tuesday will mean a return to Jim Crow on Wednesday, I think it is time black folks march to the beat of a different drummer; a drummer that actually works for the black vote.