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09 April 2012

Redistricting Fulton County (Now with 100% More Maps!)

2012 is the year of redistricting.

Dozens of redistricting bills affecting cities, counties, and school boards throughout Georgia were considered by the General Assembly this year. Many passed, and await the Governor's signature. However, one redistricting bill affecting Fulton County did not pass. Senate Bill 359, a bill changing the description of the Fulton County commissioner districts, never made it out of committee.

The maps contained in S.B. 359 were drawn by the Democrat-controlled Fulton County Commission.

These maps were dead on arrival.

It's likely that Republican leaders in the state legislature are waiting until the GOP gains control of the Fulton County legislative delegation before drawing and passing Fulton County Commission maps. That Republican control is expected after the November General Election. Until then, the public will just have to wait and speculate on how the final maps will appear.

While I don't like waiting, I do enjoy speculating. Over the weekend, I put together some maps redistricting Fulton County in a manner that, quite frankly, pits two Democrats against each other and creates an open seat. The maps I designed are geared towards ending the tenure of either Emma Darnell or Bill Edwards. Both of these Fulton County Commissioners need to go, but one is better than none.

Below are the maps I designed:

District 5 consists of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, and a portion of Roswell in north Fulton County.

The incumbent in this district is Liz Hausmann.

District 4 consists of Sandy Springs, a portion of Roswell, and a portion of Buckhead.

The incumbent in this district is Tom Lowe.

District 3 consists of Buckhead and Midtown.

The incumbent in this district is Joan Garner.

District 2 consists of College Park, East Point, Hapeville, and portions of Atlanta and Union City.

There is no incumbent in this district.

District 1 consists of Chattahoochee Hills, Fairburn, Palmetto, and portions of Atlanta and Union City.

The incumbents in this district are Emma Darnell and Bill Edwards.

These maps, I believe, would withstand Justice Department scrutiny. The map creates two majority black districts (1 & 2), and creates a third district (district 3) where minorities comprise 40.8% of the voting age population.