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20 April 2012

Readers Respond to Richey's Recidivism

All this week, I've highlighted the criminal past of Georgia Democratic Party political director Ali Rashad Richey.

Since 1998, Rashad Richey has been arrested a total of twelve times on a variety of charges. Richey did some time in jail. While incarcerated, Rashad Richey was on the campaign payroll of Gail Buckner. Buckner, a Democrat, sought her party's nomination for Secretary of State in 2010.

To date, Ali Rashad Richey is still listed as the Democratic Party's political director on The Democrats have yet to respond to the criminal history of their employee. Readers, however, have responded to Richey's recidivism.

Mell Leggett, commenting via Twitter, reacted to the headline, Georgia Democrats Pay Over $75K to Keep a Criminal on Their Payroll, wrote, "Figures, the same party of the voting dead."

An anonymous tipster, using the tip line, suggested, "You should keep a ticker about Richey's employment at the DPG. Example, 'Day 3 and Richey is still employed by Mike Berlon and the Democratic Party of Georgia.'"

For those keeping up, it's been four days since I broke the news of Rashad Richey's criminal history. He still has a job.

J.M. emailed, "You have got a lot of people pissed off and especially right at DNC delegate elections and JJ dinner this Saturday. You are insulting their savior to win back Ga to be Democratic. They grooming him for greater office someday."

Really? That would be amazing . . . amazingly stupid if Democrats ran Richey for any office.

E.G., also via email, wrote, "If the party was duped into hiring someone with a record they were unaware of, then this is the craziest thing I've seen or heard in a LOOOOONG while. Thoughts on what the h happened?"

Honestly? If common sense were common, then everyone would have some. There is a significant lack of common sense at Democratic Party headquarters these days. No wonder they can't win elections in this state.

David, commenting on another thread, said, "Could you even just be more specific so we can check these claims for ourselves?"

It's all public record, David. I've provided dates, the name of the arresting officer, booking numbers, and mugshots. What more do you need?

Keep those comments coming, folks.