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24 April 2012

Obama Raises Over $730K From Georgians, While State Dems Scrounge for Cash

Fundraising for the Georgia Democratic Party has been anemic as of late. Just last month, the Georgia Democratic Party raised $99,354.01 to fund their operations, bringing their fundraising total for 2012 to $248,854.97.

Democrat Party leaders would argue that, given Georgia's political environment, it is difficult for their organization to raise money. One Democrat, however, found little difficulty raising campaign cash from the Peach State last month.

Obama raised more than $734,000 from Georgians in March, while Romney brought in $125,000, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of campaign finance disclosures. Nearly two-thirds of Obama’s Georgia haul came from the Obama Victory Fund, a joint campaign account with the Democratic National Committee that put on three March 16 fundraisers in the Atlanta area.

Malloy, Daniel (2012-4-23). Tyler Perry helps Obama top Romney in Georgia fundraising. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2012-4-24.

Barack Obama came to Georgia last month and raised nearly three quarters of a million dollars. The Democratic Party of Georgia, on the other hand, is scraping the bottom of the barrel for every penny.

Adding insult to injury, Georgia Democrats will likely never benefit from the bags of cash Obama filled while here in Georgia.

Very little of the campaign cash Obama raised in Georgia will go to Democrats in Georgia.

In short, Georgia Democrats got robbed of more than $734,000, and it was one of their own who committed the crime.