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28 April 2012

Georgia Democrats Say No Comment to Political Director Rashad Richey's Recidivism

Eleven days ago, I first wrote about the criminal history of Georgia Democratic Party political director Rashad Richey.

Since that first report detailing Rashad Richey's recidivism, other bloggers have repeated the story, shining a bright light on Richey's dark past. The increased scrutiny made it virtually impossible for Georgia Democrats not to respond.

So, Friday, the Democrats did respond. They responded to, but anyone expecting a Democrat "Come to Jesus" moment would be sorely disappointed.

When reached, Richey had no comment, deferring to Georgia Democratic Party Communications Director, Eric Gray, who called Breitbart News, stating he couldn't comment on "personnel issues."

Riehl, Dan (2012-4-27). Georgia Democratic Political Director Under Fire Over Arrest Record. Retrieved on 2012-4-28.

No comment. That is what Georgia Democrats said about having a 12-year recidivist on their payroll. The Georgia Democratic Party has no comment.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is hosting its annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner today. The money raised from this event will help keep Rashad Richey the Recidivist on the Democrat payroll for a long time. That is, unless party activists demand Richey be fired.