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17 April 2012

The Georgia Democratic Party's Political Director is a Criminal

Pardon the poor english, folks.

There ain't no need to sugarcoat this.

Pictured right is one of many mugshots featuring Ali Rashad Richey.

Rashad Richey is better known as the Political Director for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Richey was, in 2011, one of the first hired by newly-elected state Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon. Before being employed by Georgia's Democratic Party, Rashad Richey collected over $38,000 in consulting fees from Democrat candidates Gail Buckner and Carol Porter.

We now know what Ali Rashad Richey used all that cash for . . .

. . . Bail money.

Between 1998 and present day, Democratic Party of Georgia Political Director Ali Rashad Richey (shown here with Obama campaign manager Jim Messina) became very intimate with the DeKalb and Fulton county jails.

You see, Rashad Richey was arrested twelve times on a variety of charges including:

  • Burglary;
  • Driving with revoked license;
  • Battery;
  • Family violence;
  • Obstructing an officer; and
  • Violating probation.
Richey's last arrest was in 2010.

So, a criminal is in charge of directing Democrat politics across Georgia.

Surely Georgia Democrats can do better than that.