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30 April 2012

GA Federation of Democratic Women Prez Tried Keeping Woman Abuser Out of Jail

Late night television host Conan O'Brien once famously said, "What does this guy have on you people?"

What does Ali Rashad Richey have on you people? What kind of dirt does Richey, the political director for Georgia Democrats, have on the party leadership?

Rashad Richey must have a proverbial smoking gun under lock and key in a safe deposit box somewhere. How else does one explain the fact that Democrat Party leaders keep saving Rashad Richey's ass?

Case in point:

Gail Buckner, president of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, paid Rashad Richey $30,750 in "consulting fees." Buckner also penned a letter (pictured right) to DeKalb County State Court Judge Wayne M. Purdom urging the Court not to throw Richey back in jail for violating probation. Georgia Federation of Democratic Women President Gail Buckner even volunteered to "take supervision over Ali Richey to see that he completes all of the requirements of the court and to help prevent him from getting into any other issues that would bring him before the court."

Even though he was armed with a letter from Gail Buckner, Rashad Richey still spent 28 days in the DeKalb County Jail. And while behind bars, Rashad Richey continued to receive paychecks from Gail Buckner.

Wow. That's lovely.

A leader of Democratic women in Georgia tried keeping a woman abuser out of jail.

Rashad Richey pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend. Rashad Richey pleaded guilty to kicking in his girlfriend's front door. Rashad Richey is the political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Democrats love to say Republicans declared war on women. A philosophical debate over birth control and abortion rights does not equate to war on women.

Assaulting a woman is war on women. Kicking in a woman's front door is war on women. Georgia Democrats have done everything to keep Rashad Richey out of jail, and on payroll. In essence, Democrats provided aid and comfort to a criminal in the war on women, and that makes them as guilty as Rashad Richey.