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29 April 2012

Democratic Party Political Director Assaulted Girlfriend & Kicked In Her Front Door

As someone wise once said, "And the plot thickens."

A reader emailed over copies of the police report from Rashad Richey's December 19, 2007 arrest. Rashad Richey is, as most readers now know, the political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

The police report, authored by DeKalb County Police Officer E.D. Dent, is not pretty.

The report (pictured above) starts with Officer Dent responding to a call at 1AM, and being informed by a female on the scene that Rashad Richey assaulted her.

On December 19, 2007 at approximately 01 07 hours, I was dispatched to [REDACTED] in reference to the report of a domestic in progress. Upon arrival, I was advised by Ms. (victim) that she had just been assaulted by her boyfriend Mr. Ali Rashad Richey (offender).

Ms. (victim) states that she was engaged in a conversation about their relational issues when Mr. Richey began accusing her of having another man in the apartment. Ms. (victim) said that Mr. Richey stated that he was having some mental issues and that he needed her to be more understanding. Ms. (victim) stated to Mr. Richey that she was going to pack some clothes and spend the night at some friend's house. Mr. Richey then became irate and grabbed Ms. (victim) arms and stated "I hate you; you need to listen to me."

Mr. Richey then stated that he needed to take a walk and preceded to exit the premises.

Ms. (victim) stated that she locked the door but Mr. Richey came back within a short time demanding to get in. Ms. (victim) stated that Mr. Richey then proceeded to kick in the front door to her apartment because of her refusal to open it voluntarily. Once Mr. Richey gained entry; he proceeded to the kitchen and opened the silverware drawer. Ms. (victim) then fled the apartment fearing that Mr. Richey may have grabbed a knife from the drawer. Ms. (victim) advised that she didn't see Mr. Richey with a knife nor did see him chasing after her either.

Democrats love to say Republicans declared war on women. According to this police report, the Democrats' political director became mental and declared war on his woman. During Rashad Richey's war on his own woman, he kicked in a door, screamed "I hate you," and forced his woman to flee from her home in fear.

Richey, ultimately, pleaded guilty to two counts of simple battery and criminal trespass. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and 12 months probation. He was also ordered to stay away from the female victim.

Rashad Richey remains an employee of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Now I wonder, how many Democratic women are comfortable with their dollars going to pay a man who assaulted a woman?