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22 April 2012

Democratic Party of Georgia Raises $99K in March, But Spends 86% of It Too.

The Democratic Party of Georgia filed its April monthly campaign finance disclosure with the Federal Elections Commission last week.

For the period beginning March 1st and ending March 31st, Georgia Democrats raised around $22,000 more than they did in February.

$99,354.01 came in to Democrat campaign coffers, and the Party spent $85,615.54, leaving $57,409.03 in the bank.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), again in March, infused the Democratic Party of Georgia with another $10K contribution. This latest donation puts the total amount of DNC money given to the Georgia Democratic Party at $37,635, or 15% of total fundraising for Georgia Democrats.

Rashad Richey, the Democrats' political director who did some time in jail, was paid $3,371 in March.