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27 April 2012

Conservative Bloggers Ask Why the MSM Isn't Covering Rashad Richey's Criminal Past

Chicago-based freelance writer Warner Todd Huston, whose political columns have appeared on many conservative-leaning websites (including Andrew Breitbart’s,,, and, asks the question that has lingered in my mind since I first broke the news of recidivist Rashad Richey's criminal past.

For some unknown reason, the state Democrat Party of Georgia’s Political Director, one Ali Rashad Richey, is a man with a long arrest record and no one seems the last bit worried about it in the Peach State — neither politicians nor the media.

Are Georgia Democrats so used to convicted criminals in their midst that no one cares about this?

Huston, Warner Todd (2012-4-26). Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?. Publius Forum. Retrieved on 2012-4-27.

Another conservative blogger, going by the name "NiceDeb", writes, "The MSM has yet to pick up on it, and the Georgia Democratic party has not yet responded to this explosive report posted April 17 by a Georgia political blogger alleging that the state’s Democratic Party’s Political Director is a Criminal."

And Michael Bates picked up on something I completely missed:

I did some digging, too, and found a positive link between Rashad Richey the political operative and Ali Rashad Richey the recidivist. The address listed on that 2010 jail booking record is a house at 1834 Carla Drive, Morrow, Clayton County, Georgia.

The house is owned by Gail Buckner (go here to search the county land records), and it's the same address listed on the Buckner campaign's 1st quarter 2010 expenditure report, as the address of "Raschad Richey," paid $4,000 on January 29, February 26, and March 26, 2010, for "campaign work." It was also listed as her "district office" during her stint as state senator.

Bates, Michael (2012-4-27). Democrats behaving badly and their enablers: Georgia. Batesline. Retrieved on 2012-4-27.

This thing just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Ali Rashad Richey, political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia, has a 12-year criminal history. Richey was first hired by 2010 Secretary of State candidate Gail Buckner. Buckner continued to pay Richey, even while he spent 28 days in the DeKalb County Jail. After Gail Buckner lost her bid for the Democrats' Secretary of State nomination, Democrat Carol Porter hired Rashad Richey. Carol Porter, a candidate for Lt. Governor in 2010, had her campaign managed by Mike Berlon. Mike Berlon went on to become chairman of Georgia's Democratic Party in 2011. One of Berlon's first hires was the man with a 12-year criminal history, Ali Rashad Richey.

Yet, the mainstream media continues to ignore the story, and Rashad Richey continues to be employed by the state Democratic Party.

Thank goodness we have conservative bloggers fleshing out this story, and giving it the attention it deserves.