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23 March 2012

Unions Plan to Crash GA GOP Fundraiser Featuring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Calling it a "welcome party" for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the Georgia state AFL-CIO is organizing a protest to be held during the Georgia Republican Party's annual President's Day dinner.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is slated as the dinner's keynote speaker this year, earned the ire of labor unions nationwide after he pushed through legislation designed to save Wisconsin taxpayers an estimated $300 million over the next two years. Walker's bill ended union dues being taken directly from an employee's paycheck. The bill also required unions to hold an annual vote to determine if workers still wanted union representation in the workplace.

Enraged at the proposals, organized labor claimed Gov. Walker's policies were designed to bust up unions in Wisconsin. Labor unions held massive demonstrations in the Wisconsin state capitol building, but the bill labor opposed ultimately passed and became law.

The unions hate Gov. Scott Walker so much, they are planning a raucous rigmarole here in Georgia.

From the Facebook page announcing the disruption, the Georgia AFL-CIO writes, "Walker is coming to Atlanta on Monday March 26th at the downtown Marriott Marquis to promote his anti-working families agenda in Georgia.

"We are organizing for a large turnout to 'welcome' Walker to Georgia and tell him just where he can take his union busting message."

There is one thing about this protest that is perplexing. What defines a working family? Isn't a working family pretty much any family with one or more adults who work for a living? If Gov. Walker supports a "anti-working family" agenda, then isn't he promoting people who don't work? The phrase "working families" just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.