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01 March 2012

State Representative Elly Dobbs May Not Run for Re-election

After four years as a member of the Georgia House, state Representative Elly Dobbs (D - Atlanta) may become the latest redistricting casualty.

During the 2011 special legislative session on redistricting and reapportionment, Dobbs found herself drawn into the same House district as Representative Sheila Jones (D - Atlanta). That has Dobbs re-assessing whether to run for re-election.

Buckhead Rep. Elly Dobbs says she is undecided about running in the newly redrawn House District 53, in which she would have to contend against another Democratic incumbent, as well as a third candidate.

"At this point in time I have not made a final decision about running again," Dobbs said. "I am being encouraged to run again and am looking into my options. Once I decide I will make an announcement."

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If Dobbs does decide to run again, she'll face off against fellow state Representative Sheila Jones and challenger Robert Patillo.