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02 March 2012

The "Stand Your Ground" Law Again Proves Its Worth in Martinez, Georgia

It has been six years since the Georgia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 396, the "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows Georgians to use deadly force to defend themselves, their property, or their homes without fear of criminal prosecution or civil lawsuits.

In that time, we've seen Georgia's Stand Your Ground law proves its usefulness over and over again.

The latest example of Stand Your Ground's effectiveness comes from Martinez, Georgia.

A man was killed Wednesday night after breaking into a Martinez apartment, where the renter’s son shot him with a .22-caliber rifle, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Two men broke into a Cedar Lane apartment about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Capt. Steve Morris said. After a brief struggle with the renter, the renter’s 15-year-old son fired at least two rounds, striking and killing one man. Columbia County Coroner Vernon Collins declared that man dead on the scene.

Shepherd, Gracie (2012-2-29). Intruder killed in Martinez. Augusta Chronicle. Retrieved on 2012-3-2.

This 15-year-old did exactly what he was supposed to do. Two thugs broke into his apartment, and this 15-year-old dropped one of them. The only downside is that the 15-year-old wasn't able to get the other intruder.