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01 March 2012

Savannah Morning News Endorses Mitt Romney for President

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked up his first major newspaper endorsement ahead of Georgia's Super Tuesday primary.

The Savannah Morning News threw their support behind Romney in the March 1st edition of their paper.

Georgia Republicans who hope to win the White House in November should rally next Tuesday behind the one GOP challenger who has the best chance of winning: Mitt Romney.

He’s fiscally conservative and comes with an extensive business background. He has an impressive record of achievement as a Republican governor of one of the most liberal states in the country. He understands what the nation must do to put more people back to work, while not bankrupting future generations of Americans, imposing job-killing rules and trampling the Constitution.

EDITORIAL: Georgia GOP primary: Man-up for Mitt. Retrieved on 2012-3-1.

Polls conducted in Georgia show Romney battling with Rick Santorum for second place, and a share of the state's 76 Republican National Convention delegates.