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28 March 2012

Proposed Study Committee on Ethics Reform Gets Warped, Mutilated & Maimed

Get ready to roll your eyes, folks.

Late last week, I wrote about a resolution (S.R. 1220) creating a Study Committee on Ethics Reform & Accountability. This Study Committee, proposed by state Senator Josh McKoon (R - Columbus), was different than most legislative study committee in that this study committee on ethics reform and accountability counted private citizens among its members.

But, in typical legislative fashion, the study committee fell victim to amendments critically changing its structure.

The Georgia State Senate posted a revised version of Sen. McKoon's ethics reform study committee online Wednesday.

Gone are the private citizens serving as members of this panel. Seven legislators will now determine what kind of ethics and accountability proposals come out of committee.

Gone is the deadline of September 30, 2012 for the study committee to issue its recommendations to the Georgia State Senate. These seven legislators can kick around the can on ethics reform and accountability until the cows come home.

As someone wise said, "Ethics reform is dead. Yes, it's dead."