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16 March 2012

Obama Atlanta Fundraiser Out of Touch with the People of Georgia

In advance of Saturday's St. Patrick's Day festivities, President Obama comes to Atlanta looking for his own pot of gold from the Hollywood elite.

The White House announced Obama would fly into Hartsfield International Airport Friday evening en route to a high dollar fundraiser, where a $10,000 minimum campaign contribution is required to meet and shake hands with the President.

Obama's Atlanta visit caps off a day of nothing but campaign events, including a stop at the Chicago Palmer House Hilton.

"At a time of 8.3% unemployment, $15.5T in debt and soaring gas prices, the Campaigner-in-Chief has once-again opted to forego the burdens of responsible governing and instead host lavish fundraisers with Hollywood celebrities. For a president that claims to fight for the middle class, his posh fundraising attempts seem to be anything but," Georgia GOP chairman Sue Everhart said in a statement.

"Today’s fundraising stop in Atlanta shows just how out of touch President Obama is with the people of Georgia."