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22 March 2012

More on that Report Saying Georgia is a High Risk for Corruption

Georgia's political blogosphere was all aflutter with chatter earlier this week after the Center for Public Integrity released a report saying Georgia State Government is a High Risk for Corruption.

For those urging legislators to enact meaningful ethics reform (like myself), the report confirms what many have come to suspect. If leaders of both political parties do not get serious about ethics legislation, it will be only a matter of time before Democrat and Republican elected officials resign from office in disgrace after a lengthy investigation of corruption allegations.

Public Radio International emailed an explanation of Georgia's low score on the State Integrity Investigation.

"Georgia ranked 50th out of 50 states for corruption risk in our study, and earned an overall 'F' grade thanks to problems in a number of different categories we reviewed," a Public Radio International spokesman said. "In general, a score that low means the state has plenty to do in terms of transparency and accountability to its citizens, and needs to review its laws and enforcement methods to decrease the risk of corruption."

Below is the State Integrity Investigationm report card for Georgia, detailing areas where this state needs significant improvement to reduce the risk of corruption.