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19 March 2012

"Georgia Politico" Supports TSA Full Body Pat-Downs of Wheelchair-bound Children

Dustin Baker, who runs the blog "Georgia Politico," once launched a full-throated defense of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) procedures.

Baker wrote, on his site, that it is "unpatriotic" for Americans to refuse full body scans while moving through airport checkpoints. Baker then opined, "If we are to catch people who are willing to blow themselves up, starting with their genitals, we are going to have to pat people down a bit more intrusively."

The video below, which was first displayed on the liberal blog Fire Dog Lake, demonstrates some of the invasive TSA procedures that Dustin Baker likes to defend.

(TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist - A Toddler in a Wheelchair)

Someone wise once said, "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."

This country has sacrificed freedom for security. Suddenly, a wheelchair-bound toddler is a threat to national security. Many people, including folks like Georgia Politico blogger Dustin Baker, have fooled themselves into believing that the September 11th attacks occurred due to a catastrophic breakdown in airport security; and that's why a huge, massive, new government agency --the TSA-- was needed.

But the truth is that a failure of airport security did not cause September 11th. The 19 terrorists on 9/11 bought their plane tickets legally. They entered the airport legally. They proceeded through airport security legally. And they boarded the planes legally. Once those terrorists hijacked those planes, then they were engaged in illegal activity.

For whatever reason, folks don't seem to recognize those facts.

To prevent another September 11th-type attack, what is needed is better intelligence gathering techniques as well as better communications between the various branches of government.

The Transportation Security Administration is not needed. Pat-downs of wheelchair-bound children is certainly not needed; and anyone who says otherwise is greatly misguided.