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14 March 2012

Fulton County Puts Former Democratic Party Chairman in Charge of Elections

Imagine this.

Imagine an individual who served as leader of a local Democrat organization. Imagine that same individual also serving as a member of the state Democratic Party's governing body. Imagine that person giving thousands of dollars to Democrat causes, candidates, and groups. Then imagine that person being named the director of elections for the largest county in the state.

This isn't fantasy. This isn't imaginary. This is reality.

The Fulton County Commission tapped former Fulton County Democratic Party chairman Sam Westmoreland to be director of registration and elections for the entire county. Westmoreland, a Democrat, is now in charge of administering elections and registering voters in Fulton County.

Pictured below is Westmoreland's record in the voter file:

The focus now is on Fulton County to ensure Democrat Sam Westmoreland does not show any favoritism towards his partisan colleagues.