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05 March 2012

Democrats Go Broke While Party Treasurer Raises Cash for Another Organization

The Democratic Party of Georgia is in dire financial straits.

Campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission last month show the state Democratic Party raised $71,595.99 between January 1st and January 31st. The Democrats spent $80,065.82, leaving the party with $47,301.84 in the bank and $26,119.17 worth of debt.

Even Georgia Democratic Party Treasurer Russell Edwards admitted, ". . . .it is true that the DPG currently spends more than it raises.

"This unsustainable situation should raise red flags since the DPG’s current cash on hand is $37,230.15," Edwards wrote in a note that appeared on the AJC Political Insider blog.

Given the perilous financial situation of Georgia Democrats and their organization, one would think Party Treasurer Russell Edwards might focus his fundraising efforts toward keeping the Democrat doors open and the lights on.

If that thought went through anyone's head, they thought wrong.

Brace yourself for this one folks, because it's a real doozy.

The Athens Banner-Herald reports that Georgia Democratic Party Treasurer Russell Edwards is collecting cash to, in Edwards' own words, "fund things like billboards, lecturers who can talk about the effect of big box stores and a traffic engineer to check the state’s study of how the proposed development will affect nearby traffic patterns."

While the Democratic Party of Georgia goes broke, Russell Edwards is out raising money for his organization opposing the construction of Wal Mart in Athens-Clark County.

And that, as Jedi Grand Master Yoda would say, is why they fail.