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28 March 2012

Campus Concealed Carry Killed as 2 Clark Atlanta Students Get Robbed by Armed Men

When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.

Two Clark Atlanta University students learned first-hand Tuesday, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.

These two students were the victims of armed robbery, according to a 11Alive report. Ironically enough, these two students fell prey to a couple of criminals the same week legislators killed a bill that would have allowed students to carry guns on campus.

A law that would have allowed concealed weapons on college campuses died in the Georgia House.

In case the issue is ever brought up again, sources at the capital say it's highly unlikely that any legislation that allows guns on college campuses will pass the session.

Knight, Ashley (2012-3-26). Gun owners still restricted. WFXL-TV. Retrieved on 2012-3-28.

It appears as if the disappointments are racking up for the soon-to-be-adjourned 2012 legislative session. No ethics reform. No constitutional carry of college campuses. What's the next disappointment?