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13 March 2012

Anonymous Web Site Says Georgia Dems Deserve Better Than Berlon

Using one of the slogans adopted by Georgia Democrats under the tenure of Party chairman Mike Berlon, an anonymous individual launched a website, Better Than Berlon, to air grievances against his leadership.

Better Than Berlon, which came to my attention via the tip line, shines a spotlight on the poor financial situation ensnaring Georgia Democrats and their political organization.

Recent campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) show Georgia Democrats with a high burn rate of cash, spending $8,000 more than the political party raised; and a low amount of cash on hand.

The website, Better than Berlon, carried the tagline, "Georgia Deserves Better than Berlon," which is an extension of the phrase, "Georgia Deserves Better;" words often used by Mike Berlon himself in speeches and editorials courting support of the Democratic Party in Georgia.