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07 February 2012

The Streak of Bad Behavior Reaping Rewards Continues

Much to the consternation of a certain blogger who likes to impose his astronomically high and extremely unrealistic blogging standards upon the blogosphere, the Georgia Supreme Court handed a victory to open government advocate Matthew Cardinale and his online publication Atlanta Progressive News Monday morning.

In a 4 to 3 ruling, the Georgia Supreme Court found that the City of Atlanta violated the state's open meetings law when city council members refused to disclose how they voted on rules governing public comment during council meetings [Rankin, Bill (2012-2-6). Atlanta violated Open Meetings Act, court finds. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2012-2-7]. Cardinale requested the city council voting record, but had his request denied, leading to the litigation in court.

Now, Matthew Cardinale is winning plaudits from around the state for his principled stand in favor of openness and transparency.

The Savannah Morning News editorial board, for example, credited Cardinale for fighting this fight "largely on his own."

Despite Matthew Cardinale accumulating accolades this week for his actions in support of open government, one Georgia blogger is likely to see Cardinale's victory as just another instance of bad behavior being rewarded.

James Williams, who carries the moniker "griftdrift" and runs the blog Drifting Through The Grift, has a certain level of piety in the blogosphere that is unmatched.

Williams relishes in pointing out when bloggers fail to meet his astronomically high and extremely unrealistic blogging standards. He loves to castigate the mainstream media for rewarding bloggers' so-called bad behavior.

". . .many times, those who play fast and loose with the rules, get links, credit and pats on the back," Williams writes on his blog.

Williams openly mocked Matthew Cardinale for his "continued self-declared importance." Williams even lashed out at the mainstream media for praising Cardinale's activism.

But Matthew Cardinale got the last laugh.

Cardinale took a case all the way to Georgia's Supreme Court and won. The mainstream media is crediting Cardinale's victory. And much to James Williams' dismay, the streak of the media in this town rewarding so-called bad behavior continues.