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24 February 2012

Rec'd Reading: The Plague of Liberalism is Destructive to the Black Community

Conservative Democrat blogger Keith McCants provided some recommended reading for Friday afternoon. Here's an excerpt:

By embracing liberalism, Black America became a broken shell of its former greatness. Mis-education, black-on-black crime, economic injustice, abortion, and the curse of corrupt and self-serving community leaders, the unhealthy relationship between blacks and liberalism has caused these problems to fester and remain largely unaddressed.

That's why black America as a whole needs to wake up and shake off the liberal chains that bind them & begin to embrace principles of conservative minded individuals that will lead to more success & away from the cesspool of poverty, despair & hopelessness.

I've encouraged Keith to come back home to the Republican Party.

The liberalism that dominates the Democratic Party these days does a disservice to the black community. The conservative minded individuals that can lead blacks to more success can be found in the Republican Party.

It is way past time for blacks to finally come back home.