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13 February 2012

Nonpartisan Group "BetterGeorgia" is Actually Very Partisan

There is a new group emerging on the Peach State's political landscape.

This group, calling themselves "BetterGeorgia", says they are a "growing non-partisan organization that will make sure Georgia’s leaders focus on real problems for real Georgians."

Focusing on real problems for real Georgians is a laudable goal. However, much of what is featured on BetterGeorgia's website savagely attacks Republican elected officials and Republican candidates.

BetterGeorgia accused GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich of "running from his record" this past January. BetterGeorgia even went so far as to set up a website,, where they say "Newt quit Georgia." Also in January, BetterGeorgia paid for a full page ad in the Gainesville Times lambasting Gov. Nathan Deal on job creation in Georgia. Then this month, BetterGeorgia blatantly called state Representative Doug McKillip (R - Athens) a liar.

These are not the actions of a "nonpartisan" organization. The actions and words of BetterGeorgia speaks very loudly of partisanship.

Despite their claims to the contrary, BetterGeorgia is a purely partisan organization.

But BetterGeorgia hopes they've become better at fooling Georgians about their so-called non-partisanship.

Lucky for us, Georgians aren't fooled very easily.