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02 February 2012

A Little Nudge Yields Nine FEC Campaign Finance Reports

Remember Wednesday, February 1st.

On that day, nine Members of Congress from this state were all late in filing their FEC campaign finance disclosures.

But unlike the 1993 motion picture Groundhog Day, where the same day repeated itself over and over again, with a little nudge those nine Members of Congress got their FEC reports in, albeit a day late.

Below are the FEC campaign finance disclosures for the period beginning October 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2011:

Contributions Expenditures Cash on Hand Debt
Jack Kingston$199,770.17$  59,102.37$1,170,724.25$          0.00
Sanford Bishop$155,870.00$  53,702.64$   251,758.24$15,500.00
Lynn Westmoreland$130,822.99$  49,652.67$   536,366.64$          0.00
Hank Johnson$  61,920.00$  36,692.71$     52,094.22$23,172.10
John Lewis$186,025.00$  92,481.11$   387,844.91$  6,989.56
Tom Price$235,858.79$101,026.08$1,483,869.60$          0.00
Rob Woodall$  62,625.00$  22,354.33$   122,334.02$          0.00
Austin Scott$150,964.28$  61,496.31$   232,203.83$  8,719.63
Tom Graves$132,516.00$106,553.63$   120,930.52$  5,000.00
Paul Broun$175,157.07$106,579.81$   171,568.27$          0.00
Phil Gingrey$255,434.00$  80,348.62$1,787,525.23$          0.00
John Barrow$272,266.05$  59,939.01$   903,789.25$          0.00
David Scott$  37,500.00$  91,013.47$     67,791.81$          0.00

What can be learned from these numbers?

  • Democrat John Barrow raised the most money this fundraising period. Barrow is ensuring he has enough monetary resources for his tough re-election battle this fall;
  • Republican Paul Broun spent the almost as much money as he raised;
  • Democrat David Scott raised $37,500 this fundraising period. His colleagues raised an average of $158,209.95 during the same period. David Scott is not a prolific fundraiser;
  • Five members of Georgia's congressional delegation carry campaign debt; and
  • Jack Kingston, Tom Price, and Phil Gingrey win the award for having the most cash on hand.