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03 February 2012

The Liberal Lynching of Karen Handel is in Full Swing

Allow me to cite a little liberal logic for those reading this site today.

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel is pro-life. Karen Handel is Senior Vice President for Public Policy at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Susan G. Komen Foundation cut funding from Planned Parenthood, a pro-choice organization. Therefore, using liberal logic, pro-life Karen Handel is responsible for the Komen Foundation ending its funding for pro-choice Planned Parenthood.

Liberals across the nation are in an uproar after news broke that the Susan G. Koman Foundation ended its funding for Planned Parenthood.

Citing her 2010 gubernatorial campaign web site, liberals claim that Karen Handel, who again is pro-life, used her personal political beliefs to influence decisions at the Komen Foundation. Liberals are even raising buckets of cash off of it. The problem with this liberal logic is that liberals have not provided a single shred of evidence to prove their claim.

Liberals haven't provided any internal memos. Liberals haven't provided any e-mail messages. Liberals have provided nothing that shows Karen Handel influenced the Komen Foundation's decision to cut funding from Planned Parenthood in any way.

Even the Los Angeles Times reported, "There's no proof that Handel had a role in the foundation's decision to end a relationship between two major women's health organizations that's paid for some 170,000 breast exams and 6,400 mammogram referrals since the groups began their partnership in 2005."

But liberals aren't letting facts get in the way of a good lynching.

And make no bones about it, the liberal lynching of Karen Handel is in full swing across America. Liberals are using their failed logic to portray Handel as anti-woman, and drag her name through the mud.

Well, it is past time for liberals to put up or shut up. Where is the proof? Where are the internal memos? Where are the e-mails? Where is the proof that Karen Handel imposed her personal political beliefs on the Komen Foundation?

In the absence of proof, liberals owe Karen Handel an sincere apology for their failed logic.