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06 February 2012

Lawmaker Behind "Birther" Lawsuit Faces Opposition in Republican Primary

The lawmaker behind the so-called "birther" lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's place on the Georgia ballot faces a potential challenge of his own in the Republican primary this summer.

State Representative Mark Hatfield (R - Waycross) now finds himself in the same House district of a fellow Republican due to recent changes to Georgia's legislative maps.

The House passed a map, Friday, that forces Hatfield to run against state Representative Jason Spencer (R - Woodbine) in the July 31st General Primary. Hatfield, obviously, was not happy at his new political reality.

"If changes are going to be considered in one area [of the state], changes ought to be considered in other areas," Hatfield said from the well of the House. "This is political payback, plain and simple."

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Campaign finance reports say state Rep. Spencer has $4,052.11 in the bank. State Rep. Hatfield reports having $10,337.02 in the bank, and campaign debt totaling $1,642.32.

State Representative Mark Hatfield served as legal counsel for individuals attempting to remove Barack Obama from Georgia's March 6th primary ballot. Judge Michael Malihi ruled against Hatfield's clients in a decision released last week.