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13 February 2012

GA Democratic Party Treasurer Suggests Blacks Supporting Wal-Mart are Ignorant

Remember that dilemma Georgia Democratic Party treasurer Russell Edwards faced last week?

In case you've forgotten, state Democratic Party treasurer Russell Edwards is torn between supporting job creation in a key Democrat constituency and following his union buddies in opposing the construction of a Wal-Mart in Athens.

Actually, there is no conflict. Democratic Party treasurer Russell Edwards remains opposed to the Athens Wal-Mart, and now Edwards suggests blacks who support Wal-Mart are ignorant.

Edwards told the Athens Banner-Herald, "There’s certainly members of the African-American community who know the facts and do not want this."

In other words, Edwards is saying if blacks would just educate themselves to his point of view, blacks would oppose the creation of jobs in their own community. If blacks would just listen to Russell Edwards, they would oppose the Athens Wal-Mart.

The trouble is blacks aren't listening to Democratic Party treasurer Russell Edwards.

Dexter Weaver, the owner of the landmark East Broad Street soul food restaurant Weaver D’s, [says] he supports Walmart because it will bring him customers, and so do many diners, he said.

“It don’t really bother them,” Weaver said. “I’m a property owner, and I’m for it. The other people don’t live around here. They’re the party of no.”

Aued, Blake (2012-2-12). Downtown Walmart supporters clamor for jobs; critics say it won't create any. Athens Banner-Herald. Retrieved on 2012-2-13.

Wow. A black business owner says the Democratic Party treasurer Russell Edwards and his followers are the "party of no."

That's a horse of a different color. Let's hope it continues.