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27 February 2012

East Point, GA: Home to Obama's $10,000 Fundraiser and a $7 Million Budget Deficit

As was previously written here, Democrats are whipping themselves into a frenzy over President Obama's March 16th visit to Tyler Perry Studios in East Point, Georgia.

The purpose of Obama's visit is to raise money. Those individuals wishing to have their picture taken with the President must first pony up $10,000. The average household income in East Point is $42,050, meaning that most folks who live in East Point can't conjure up the cash to see the President.

All that being said, Obama is likely to feel right at home in East Point, Georgia.

Three weeks ago, Obama submitted a budget to Congress containing a $1.2 trillion deficit. The city of East Point, home to Obama's $10,000 fundraiser, faces a $7 million budget deficit. President Obama wants a $1.9 billion federal tax increase. The Mayor of East Point, Earnestine Pittman, wants to double the taxes on local property owners. Obama is a Democrat. East Point Mayor Earnestine Pittman is a Democrat too.

Simply put, East Point is just a localized version of the Obama Administration. Just like the Obama Administration, East Point is infested with elected officials who want to do little more than tax and spend people to death.

Yep, Obama will feel right at home when he arrives in East Point, March 16th. So impressed with Mayor Earnestine Pittman's fiscal irresponsibility, Obama will probably even drop Mayor Pittman's name in his speech to campaign donors that day.