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01 February 2012

Democrats, Nine Georgia Congressmen Miss FEC Filing Deadline

Nationally, political analysts are combing through recently filed Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign finance disclosures, following the money trail from PACs and the so-called "super" PACs back to the candidates running for office.

Here in Georgia though, it's a little difficult to see where the campaign cash is coming from; especially when candidates and political parties miss the filing deadline.

January 31st was the deadline for political parties and congressional candidates to file their year-end campaign finance disclosures with the FEC.

Nine Georgia Congressmen, hailing from both the Republican and Democratic parties, missed the due date. Those Congressmen are Lynn Westmoreland, Hank Johnson, John Lewis, Tom Price, Austin Scott, Tom Graves, John Barrow, and Paul Broun. The Democratic Party of Georgia missed the January 31st deadline as well.

The Georgia Republican Party, Jack Kingston, Sanford Bishop, Rob Woodall, and David Scott all met the FEC deadline.