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21 February 2012

Democrats Grow Silent as Gov. Deal Announces Jobs for Georgia

After months of chiding Gov. Nathan Deal (R - Georgia) for the apparent lack of job creation in this state, the Democrats have grown silent. Why? Well, the headline says it all:

"Caterpillar plant latest in string of wins for Georgia.

The news report tells the rest of the story:

A $200 million Caterpillar manufacturing plant set to open near Athens next year is the latest in a flurry of economic development coups for Georgia as it positions itself to compete amid a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing.

Among Georgia’s most recent wins: Toyota Industries Corp. recently announced plans to open a $350 million automotive compressor parts plant in Pendergrass, 60 miles northeast of Atlanta. The project, slated to be completed in late 2013, will create an estimated 320 jobs.

State Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon has repeatedly said Republicans promised job creation. Last October, Berlon even challenged Georgia Republicans to "put together a plan for job creation that makes sense and puts Georgians back to work."

It seems like Georgia Republicans accepted the Democrats' challenge. Jobs are coming to Georgia.

But it begs to question, after months of press releases criticizing Republican leadership in this state, where are the statements from Mike Berlon and the Democratic Party applauding the continuous string of job creation?

Instead of praising progress for Georgia, the Democrats are silent.