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09 February 2012

Comprehensive Elections Bill Allows Jail Inmates to be Mailed Absentee Ballots

Should jail inmates be allowed to vote absentee?

That's a question legislators under the Gold Dome may have to answer this year.

A comprehensive elections bill, House Bill 949, containing a provision allowing absentee ballots to be mailed to "incarcerated electors at their places of incarceration" was introduced in the Georgia House Wednesday.

House Bill 949 also authorizes electronic voter registration, changes the number of signatures required for an independent or third party candidate to get on the ballot, and eliminates the third Tuesday in September as a special election date.

The 22-page bill was referred to the House Governmental Affairs Committee.

House Bill 949 is sponsored by five members of the House Governmental Affairs Committee, including Committee Chairman Mark Hamilton (R - Cumming).