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03 February 2012

Bill Allowing Students to Use Their College IDs at the Ballot Box Clears Committee

With every election comes the friendly reminder that voters bring one of six acceptable forms of identification with them to their polling precinct on election day. As you read this sentence, Secretary of State Brian Kemp is likely preparing a press release prompting folks to bring their IDs when they vote in the March 6th presidential preference primary.

A bill authored by state Representative Alisha Thomas-Morgan (D - Austell) may change future reminders from Secretary of State Kemp.

House Bill 707 adds one more piece of ID to the list -- a valid student identification card containing a photograph of the elector and issued by an eligible postsecondary institution, as defined in paragraph (7) of Code 28 Section 20-3-519, located in this state.

That's right. Instead of six acceptable forms of ID, voters could provide one of seven pieces of identification before casting their ballots.

House Bill 707 cleared the House Governmental Affairs Committee February 2nd. H.B. 707 now sits on the General Calendar, where it awaits consideration by the House Rules Committee on its way to the full House for a vote.