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17 February 2012

The AJC Reports Georgia GOP to Host Presidential Debate at GSU . . . (Not Really)

Thursday morning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution played a great prank on their readers. Or maybe April Fools Day just came early.

The AJC reported, Thursday morning, "The Georgia Republican Party is expected to announce that the Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University will host the March 1 Republican presidential debate, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned."

By the end of the day however, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution learned, along with everyone else, there would be no presidential debate on March 1st. CNN canceled the forum after Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum all declined invitations to appear.

Still, the brilliant news-gatherers at the AJC reported Thursday morning, "Landing the debate is a huge coup for the Rialto and Georgia State University and will give the downtown campus a major marketing boost as media outlets from around the world will likely cover the debate."

I wonder how many reporters the Atlanta Journal-Constitution will assign to cover this "huge coup for the Rialto and Georgia State University."

The AJC will obviously have an exclusive, especially considering they'll be the only media outlet there.

All joking aside, it is disappointing that Georgia will not host a presidential debate in 2012.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart issued the following statement at 5:02PM February 16th:

"On behalf of Republicans across Georgia and our friends in the Ohio Republican Party, I am deeply disappointed in today’s developments regarding the 2012 Super Tuesday Republican Presidential Debate. The decision of Governor Romney, Senator Santorum and Congressman Paul to forego an opportunity to address our state's Republican primary voters, as well as voters across the nation, in a debate just days before Super Tuesday is truly disheartening. The efforts that Republican grassroots activists put in day after day should not go unrecognized, and it is my sincere hope that the candidates will reconsider this opportunity to speak directly to the driving force behind all that our Party will continue to accomplish.

"With 76 Delegates - the fourth-largest GOP delegation in the nation - Georgia's voice will be heard louder than ever on March 6th when Republican voters in the Peach State, Ohio and eight other states will take to the polls to place their vote for the next Republican President of the United States. I wish each of the candidates the best of luck moving forward, and trust that our Party's eventual nominee will not overlook Georgia's two-million plus Republican voters before the general election."