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29 January 2012

Romney Wins Straw Poll in Newt's Old Congressional District

Twitter is abuzz with reports that Mitt Romney placed first in a straw poll conducted at a GOP event in Gingrich's old congressional district.

Sandy Springs City Council member Gabriel Sterling, who attended the BuckSprings Republican Breakfast January 28th, says voters were asked to rank their choices from one through four.

Romney finished with the most first place votes. Gingrich came in second, while Rick Santorum and Ron Paul came in third and fourth.

I'm told between 80 and 100 people attended the event. Seventy-two people participated in the straw poll.

Meanwhile, the presidential campaign of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is already looking past Florida's presidential primary, scheduling a conference call with Georgia supporters on the night of the Sunshine State's delegate contest.

Gov. Nathan Deal is headlining the telephone call with grassroots activists. Deal endorsed the Gingrich presidential campaign last December.