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31 January 2012

Libertarians Plan Protest Against College Campus Gun Ban

We've all seen or heard the news reports about college students becoming victims of crime while on campus.

Lately though, we've also seen or heard reports of would-be crime victims protecting their life, their property, and the lives and property of others. Each incident, from 18-year-old Sarah McKinley who shot and killed an intruder breaking into her home to the South Carolina Waffle House customer who shot and killed a hoodlum trying to rob the joint, featured law-abiding citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

I've frequently heard that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

In nearly every instance of violent crime on Georgia's college campuses, the perpetrators were able to commit the crime and flee the scene long before police could arrive. When precious seconds counted, the police were only minutes away. And the victims could not protect themselves because guns are banned on college campuses in Georgia.

Late last year, state Representative Sean Jerguson (R - Holly Springs) proposed legislation lifting the college campus gun ban. Unfortunately that proposal hasn't received much attention from lawmakers under the Gold Dome this legislative session.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia hopes to change that.

Calling their protest the "Empty Holster Protest," Libertarians are calling on 2nd Amendment supporters to wear an empty gun holster February 24th to show their opposition to the college campus gun ban.

The Libertarian Party thinks that the ban of firearms on University System of Georgia campuses violates the second amendment rights of students, employees, and on campus visitors. So they are organizing the empty holster protest to increase awareness.

Recent assaults and robberies of Georgia Tech and Georgia State students have Libertarians questioning the college campus gun ban, saying criminals know it's a place where potential victims are unarmed.

[Libertarian Party of Georgia Southwest Georgia chairman Tom]Knighton said, "By definition they are criminals. They don't follow the rules. All these Board of Regents regulations do is disarm the law abiding."

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