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30 January 2012

Fulton Republican Tom Lowe Goes Against Conservative Principles

Small government and low taxes are two basic principles of conservative ideology.

Many conservatives campaigning for office often repeat they want to reduce the size of government and lower taxes. Indeed, those politicians self-identifying with the conservative cause frequently find themselves in hot water when they seemingly abandon their pledges of less government and low taxes.

One such example of a politician abandoning conservative principles can be found in Fulton County, where Republican Commissioner Tom Lowe has emerged as an unlikely advocate of higher taxes and more government.

First came news reports that Commissioner Lowe (R - Sandy Springs) proposed a 5.8% property tax increase earlier this year. Now the record shows that Lowe voted to spend county tax dollars fighting against reform for Fulton County, which includes reducing the size of Fulton County government.

By any measure, it is difficult to describe any of Commissioner Tom Lowe's recent actions as upholding conservative ideals. Proposing a tax increase instead of proposing spending cuts; voting to oppose any efforts that might shrink the size of government in a county that is over 90% municipalized; both of these actions by Commissioner Lowe goes against conservative principles. Fulton County Commissioner Tom Lowe may be a Republican, but he is certainly not a conservative.

It should be interesting to see whether conservatives in Commissioner Lowe's district holds his feet to the fire; or go shopping for a new conservative candidate the next time Lowe stands for election.