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25 January 2012

Democrats Seek to Expand Their Base with Same-Day Voter Registration

Six Democrats in the Georgia State Senate have drafted a bill that would drastically alter the way this state conducts its elections.

Senate Bill 326 --sponsored by Vincent Fort, Steve Henson, Ed Harbinson, Emanuel Jones, Lester Jackson, and Doug Stoner-- would introduce same-day voter registration to the State of Georgia.

Current Georgia law states that a person desiring to vote in an upcoming election must register "by the close of business on the fifth Monday . . . prior to the date of such general primary, general election, or presidential preference primary" [O.C.G.A. § 21-2-224]. This registration deadline allows elections officials enough time to A.) verify a person's citizenship; and B.) verify a person's residency. It is quite clear that Georgia's voter registration deadline helps protect the integrity of the electoral process.

Compare that to same-day voter registration bill being peddled by Senate Democrats.

Same-day voter registration invites fraud into the electoral process.

Same-day voter registration could conceivably result in a person busing in hundreds of non-registered individuals; registering those folks to vote; and then allowing them to vote all on the same day without any verification of citizenship or residency.

Democrats argue that same-day registration would encourage higher voter turnout among minorities, low-income individuals, and young people. The funny thing is that minorities, low-income individuals, and young people are three demographic groups Democrats know they can count on to blindly vote for Democrat candidates without question.

Democrats in Georgia know they cannot win statewide elections on their party's own merits. The drubbing Democrats took at the ballot box two years ago, where the party lost every statewide office, is irrefutable evidence of that fact. So now, Georgia Democrats are blatantly and shamelessly attempting to pass same-day voter registration legislation intended to expand their base.