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27 January 2012

Democrats' Record on HOPE Scholarship Contradicts Their Rhetoric

Late Thursday night, the Democratic Party of Georgia, in their ongoing efforts to win the hearts and minds of voters, tweeted, "Vanishing HOPE: GOP broke it, Senate Dems have a plan to fix it."

The Democrats' tweet alludes to reforms to the HOPE scholarship program backed by Gov. Nathan Deal (R - Georgia) in 2011.

HOPE scholarship changes, passed by the legislature last year, included the establishment of the Zell Miller Scholarship. The Zell Miller Scholarship completely pays the tuition for Georgia high school graduates with a 3.7 GPA and 1200 SAT score, if the student is enrolled in a public college or university.

New data from the Georgia Student Finance Commission, the agency that administers both the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship programs, suggests that the Zell Miller Scholarship may not be as fiscally sound as many expected when it was created; and that further reforms may be needed to ensure the scholarship's continued viability.

Using the guilt by association tactic, Georgia Democrats say that since Gov. Deal proposed the HOPE scholarship reforms, Gov. Deal (and by association, the state Republican Party) broke the HOPE scholarship program.

The problem with the Democrats' logic is they purposely omit that their party supported Gov. Deal's HOPE scholarship reforms with open arms.

The photograph shown here came from Gov. Nathan Deal's office.

The photo shows House Democrat Leader Stacey Abrams and House Democrat Caucus Chair Calvin Smyre standing along side Gov. Deal as he announced his proposals to save the HOPE Scholarship program.

WABE reported the following headline, House Democrats Back Deal's HOPE Proposal, shortly after the picture above was taken.

When Gov. Deal's HOPE scholarship reforms came before the General Assembly, they passed with large bipartisan majorities in both the House and Senate.

If, as the Democrats claim, HOPE is vanishing; if Republicans broke the HOPE scholarship program, then Democrats broke the popular program as well.

In a moment of bipartisan unity, Democrats endorsed Gov. Deal's HOPE scholarship reforms. Now, Democrats act like they had nothing to do with it.

Thank goodness the Democrats' votes and statements to the press on this issue are available for all to see.