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29 May 2011

6 Years & 2 Days Ago. . .

At 10:05AM on Friday, May 27, 2005, Georgia Politics Unfiltered went live with a simple, two-word blog entry: Hey y'all.

Since that date, 6 years and 2 days ago, this site has covered Georgia politics like no other.

While there have been a few guest blog entries from other folks over the years, Georgia Politics Unfiltered has mainly been a labor of love for one person. . .me.

After 2008, that fire in my belly; the fire that kept me posting half a dozen blog entries daily disappeared. I can pinpoint exactly when that fire in my belly went out.

It was 2008.

It was December.

I had just watched Georgia's Republican electors cast their 15 votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin under the Gold Dome. Finally, the epic 2008 presidential campaign was over. And I had covered it from start to finish. I remember thinking to myself: "How do I top this?"

For the record, everyone should follow a presidential campaign from beginning to end at least once in their life time. I'm talking about the fundraising, the debates, the primaries, the caucuses, the conventions, the November election, the meeting of the electoral college, the counting of the electoral votes and the inauguration.

Everything that you have ever learned in school about how we elect a President pales in comparison to seeing it all in person. I had the opportunity to do that as a member of the press, and I loved every minute of it.

So anywho, after watching Georgia's presidential electors (you know, the people who really elect the President) cast their votes, I walked out of the State Capitol thinking, "How do I top this?" At that point, the fire and the passion wasn't there anymore.

I've basically been going through the motions around here, hoping that I'd relight the fire, but it hasn't happened.

So I figured today, tonight would be the perfect time to say good bye.

I have had a lot of fun on this site.

I've made a lot of friends. I've made a lot of enemies. I've made a little money too.

I've been on CNN. I've been on the radio. I've been on channel 5 here in Atlanta. I've seen my name in ink in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Of course, none of that would've ever happened if no one had ever read this blog in the first place.

So thank you. Thank you to all 423,797 visitors who logged on to Georgia Politics Unfiltered, even if it were only for a moment, over the last 6 years and 2 days.

This has been a great learning experience, but it's also been a lot of fun.

So, for the last time, I'm clicking the "publish post" button and bidding you all a fond farewell.

-Andre Walker