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26 April 2011

Will WSB-TV's Justin Farmer Ask Obama The Tough Questions?

AJC Washington, D.C. reporter Jamie Dupree posted early this morning that President Obama will do an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta.

President Obama will again do a round to interviews today with local television stations, another bid by the White House to spur what is often more positive coverage than in sit-downs with national publications and networks.

In other words, the TV stations tend to emphasize the PR they get out of the interview, and don't spend that much time trying to pin the President to the wall on any particular issue.

Dupree, Jamie (2011-4-26). Obama Goes Local Again. Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider. Retrieved on 2011-4-26.

WSB is already gushing about their exclusive interview with Obama.

"Channel 2 Action News Anchor Justin Farmer is preparing for a one-on-one interview Tuesday morning with President Barack Obama at the White House," the article reads. "WSB-TV is the only local station in Atlanta given exclusive access to the president.

"Farmer will also file reports from Washington at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. He will also compile an “inside the White House” story for"

Much like Jamie Dupree wrote, these local TV interviews are designed to give Obama good press. But, the news media is not and should not be a PR machine for the White House.

So will WSB-TV news anchor Justin Farmer ask Barack Obama the tough questions? Will Justin Farmer ask Obama questions about issues that are of concern to Georgians? Will Justin Farmer ask Obama about immigration, unemployment, transportation, education, water? Or will Farmer prove himself to be nothing but a pawn of the Obama Administration?

If Justin Farmer needs a quick primer on how to hold Barack Obama accountable, Farmer should watch this video of Dallas TV reporter Brad Watson's questions to the President:

Obama Loses His Cool With Texas Reporter