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27 April 2011

An Unofficial Count of Georgia's 2012 Republican National Convention Delegates

Perhaps reflecting the way both the Democrat and Republican parties view the role of government is the process by which the two political parties select delegates to their respective national conventions.

The Democrat Party has a very convoluted process that starts with 86 pages of rules, regulations and calculations to determine who gets to go to the Democratic National Convention. A team of lawyers is needed to decipher all that legalese.

The Republicans, by comparison, use just 18 pages to outline how each state is apportioned delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention.

Rule No. 13, from the Rules of the Republican Party, contains all the meat and potatoes of delegates and delegate selection.

  • The GOP starts by giving each state 10 delegates [Rule 13(a)(1)].

  • The state GOP chairman as well as the national committeeman and committeewoman from each state are also National Convention delegates [Rule 13(a)(2)].

  • Each congressional district in the state is awarded 3 delegates [Rule 13(a)(3)].

  • Each state carried by the Republican presidential nominee in the preceding election gets a number of delegates equal to 4.5 plus 60% of the state's electoral votes (i.e., Georgia cast its electoral votes in 2008 for John McCain. Georgia will have 16 electoral votes in 2012. 60% of 16 is 9.6. 9.6 plus 4.5 equals 14.1 {rounded off equals 14})[Rule 13(5)(a)].

  • Rule 13(5)(a)(i), Rule 13(5)(a)(ii), Rule 13(5)(a)(iii), and Rule 13(5)(a)(iv) awards one delegate each for states that elected a Republican governor; has a majority of congressional seats held by Republicans; has one chamber of the state legislature controlled by the Republicans; and has both chambers of the legislature controlled by Republicans.

  • Finally, an additional delegate is awarded for each Republican representing the state in the U.S. Senate [Rule 13(a)(6)].
Those 9 simple rules are put into real world figures thusly:

Georgia 2012 Republican National Convention Delegates

unofficial count
Rule 13(a)(1)
Rule 13(a)(2)
Rule 13(a)(3)
Rule 13(a)(5)
Rule 13(a)(5)(i)
Rule 13(a)(5)(ii)
Rule 13(a)(5)(iii)
Rule 13(a)(5)(iv)
Rule 13(a)(6)