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26 April 2011

State GOP Chairman Candidate Responds to Question on Minority Outreach

As some of you may know, next month I'm headed back to my mother's hometown of Macon to participate in the 2011 Georgia Republican State Convention.

I'm a delegate to that convention, and a few weeks ago I asked the three candidates for Georgia Republican Party chairman --Sue Everhart, Shawn Hanley, and Tricia Pridemore-- to outline their plan to bring black voters back home to the GOP.

To date, only one of the three, responded to my query. Below is Tricia Pridemore's answer:


Thank you for the opportunity to contact you about the race for GAGOP Chairman.

I read your blog this morning and wanted to personally respond:

I have laid out a four-point plan for the GAGOP. The GROWroots Plan incorporates a great deal of minority outreach to bring conservative and America-loving African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics into our Party. For the most part, the state GOP has not assisted these key coalitions in the past. We've talked about it, yet we've never fully funded outreach initiatives and marketing to communities. It's past time that we do. We need to rely on the history of the GAGOP (did you know the Georgia Republican Party was started at the oldest African-American Church in the U.S., Springfield Baptist Church, in Augusta?) coupled with our values of personal responsibility, limited government and appreciation for the American family and relay our message into the black community. Direct marketing, advertising and personal outreach are the tools, but once the outreach is done, then we as Republicans must pro-actively welcome and support these new members of our Party.

Many black Republicans support me and my plan for the GAGOP. Michael McNeely, Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council is a member of my steering committee because he believes in my minority outreach plan and work-ethic to make it happen.

I would be honored to have your vote in Macon.


I'm still looking forward hearing about a minority outreach plan from Sue Everhart and Shawn Hanley, or one of their supporters. Again, here's my email address: