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28 April 2011

Quote of the Day: the Matt Ramsey edition

"We simply cannot afford to wait on solutions from Washington, D.C. We will continue to take decisive and necessary action as a state to enforce the rule of law and protect our citizens from the problems posed by the federal government’s failure to live up to its most basic responsibility to secure our nation’s borders."

-State Representative Matt Ramsey (R - Peachtree City) responding to President Obama calling Georgia's recently passed immigration bill a "mistake."

Georgia, Arizona and other states considering legislation to crack down on illegal immigration would not have to do so if only the federal government would secure the borders and enforce the immigration laws on the books.

In the absence of decisive action from the feds, it is up to the states to fill that gap.

That's what Arizona did when they enacted SB1070, and that is what Georgia has done with House Bill 87.