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28 April 2011

Georgia Democrat Leader Ridicules Voters As "Cave People"

Take notes, folks.

Below is an example of how not to win elections:

. . .about 30 percent of [state Rep. Allen]Peake’s constituents are “almost cave people, conservative -- people who are against almost everything,” [Georgia Senate Democrat Leader Robert]Brown said. He plans to paint that group as the political “bad guys,” overcoming them with large majorities elsewhere, he said.

Gaines, Jim (2011-4-24). Leaders gather to push consolidation. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2011-4-28.

Insulting another state legislator's constituents as "almost cave people" is a sure fire way to alienate those voters; and if the Senator from Macon has forgotten, allow me to remind him that those conservative voters he's ridiculing represent a clear majority in this state.