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26 April 2011

Albany City Commissioner Urges Georgians to Boycott Gas Until Prices Drop Below $3

Remember the days when you could get a full tank of gas for about $10?

Those days are long gone as many Georgians are seeing fuel prices edge closer to $4 per gallon.

According to Georgia Gas, the state's average price at the pump is $3.75. In Stamford, Connecticut, gas just broke the 5 dollar barrier. And some economists are saying that unrest in the middle east could bring those high prices to the entire nation sooner rather than later [$5 Gas Hits Connecticut; $6-Plus Predicted For Tri-State Very Soon. CBS New York. Retrieved on 2011-4-26.].

Fed up with these high gasoline prices, an elected official from the southwest Georgia city of Albany is calling on Georgians to "minimize their use of gas until the price drops below $3 a gallon."

Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta has established a Facebook group that urges members to boycott gasoline until the price drops below three dollars per gallon.

Marietta says he got the idea after seeing the effect of social media on the recent uprisings in the Middle East.

"If they can do it to overthrow a king, we sure can do it just to lower the price of gas and so collective action works," said Marietta.

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The Facebook group, which can be found here, currently has 95 people pledging to strike until gas goes below three dollars.