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02 February 2011

Senate SLOGO Committee To Hold Hearing On Sunday Alcohol Sales

Remember those old Schoolhouse Rock! tapes that outlined how a bill becomes law?

First, a group of citizens goes to their legislator and pitches an idea. If the legislator agrees ("You're right! There ought to be a law!"), the lawmaker then writes the idea up and introduces it as a bill. Once the bill is introduced, it is referred to committee where a few key representatives discuss and debate the merits of the bill.

Early last week, state Sen. John Bulloch (R - Ochlocknee) introduced Senate Bill 10, a bill that would allow voters in a city or a county to decide by referendum whether to allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays between the hours 12:30 PM and 11:30PM.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, the President of the Georgia Senate, referred S.B. 10 to the State Local and Governmental Operations (SLOGO) committee. The panel is scheduled to meet today, where eight key senators will discuss and debate whether Georgians should be allowed to vote on authorizing the sale of alcohol in their local city or county.

The hearing is set to begin at 1PM in room 450 of the State Capitol.

[c/p @ Georgia Legislative Watch]